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About Teraju Puncak Technology

We build website that build your business.

Teraju Puncak Technology (T.P Technology) is one of the IT company that offer various kind of IT related service, helps you in widening your business range online with very reasonable price. T.P Technology understands the requirement, analyses and execute accordingly. We create the online platform that can boost your sales and also to create the credibility for your business growth to be more productive, time saving and cost effective.

What We Have Done So Far

We help entrepreneur to build websites for them, to make their business to become more well known and believe it or not, increase their sales! It is also can establish the credibility of the business!

To assist people in their IT related problem or project, help to teach and tutor them in order for them to understand better about the flow and processes. Also to guide them on how it works!

If a client already have their own website, we also offer a service where we can help to maintain their website! To ensure that the website is always up-to-date is very important. Rest assure, we can help you on that too!

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